Accommodation Fees

Shared Room (Male/Female separate)

Stay only: 2,000yen/night

1 week: 12,000yen/week

Discounts available for customers using own sleeping bags, bedding etc.


Toilet, shower, bath, kitchen, gas stove, rice cooker, microwave oven, toaster, refrigerator, bicycle for shopping runs, wireless internet (Softbank wi-fi, fon [])

Items available for purchase

Rice by measure, instant noodles, fresh veges etc.

Gas canisters for portable cooker, and a range of other services available to help our travelling guests.

Travel and tourist information

We are proud to offer an extensive range of information for our guests. Management has spent a lot of time walking the area, and has met and chatted with hundreds of travelers in his journeys.

After consultation on your needs, we are happy to provide a recommended course, including suggested items to pack for the trip.

We are also happy to supply information to non guests. Please feel free to pay us a visit!

★Special Services★
Luggage, motorbike, bicycle holding service.

For guests who have luggage or equipment they won’t be needing for a short while, we are happy to look after it for you. For example, if you have items you want to post home but there is noone to collect it when it arrives, you can leave it with us until a more suitable time.

If you come by motorbike or bicycle, and would like to leave it with us until the next time you visit, we can hold on to it for you. (However, as this is a free service, we are not liable for any damage or other trouble caused)

Luggage shipping service

For guests who have checked luggage with us, but for any reason cannot make it back to collect them, we can arrange to send them to a destination of your choice (domestic or international). Please note the guest will be responsible for payment of shipping charges.

Outdoor goods for travelers: rental and sales

Almost any outdoor goods are available for hire, as well as a wide range of goods for sale. Please contact us for enquiries.

Items include sleeping bags, tents, cookers etc.

Equipment required for your journey will vary, depending on what you intend to do.

For guests travelling from overseas, in an effort to lower your baggage weight, we are happy to provide a range of items for hire. In addition, cooker fuel (other than that made for Japanese cookers) can be difficult to come by. Please feel free to contact us when planning your equipment.

As supply of each item is limited, reservations are highly recommended. We also accept enquiries via E-mail (Where possible, in English or Japanese please).

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